3 Simple Moves That Fight Knee And Hip Pain

3 Simple Moves That Fight Knee And Hip Pain

In case you are like most people then you definitely don’t pay much attention to the condition of your ankles.

However, latest studies suggest that your ankles health can significantly affect your overall health.

3 Simple Moves That Fight Knee And Hip Pain

According to Bruce Mack, fitness expert, the aging process combined with years of physical inactivity makes our ankles less flexible, mobile and limits the range of motion.

In a situation where your ankles cannot perform a range of motion of 360 degrees like they are supposed to, the knees (which serve as a joints for stabilization that helps the legs move forward and back) must perform side-to-side movement.

Mack says that this is the main source of knee pain in cases like this and gradually this unnatural motion will result in hip pain too.

We should now forget that every body part is connected and in case the joints are not functioning properly then the entire body will feel the consequences.

The good news is that healing these rusty ankles is not difficult. The mobility of our ankles is something that we can improve.

By performing these three easy curative movements, three times a week you will be able to boost flexibility and return the natural properties of your knees.

1. Swinging Squat

Lower your body in the lowest squat position and keep the feet in line with your shoulders. At the same time, keep your hands together in front of you and press the elbows against the inner side of your knees. Bend your body to the left side, and then slowly rock back to the right side. Keep rocking from one side to the other for half a minute.

2. Three Point Half-Kneeling Flexibility Exercise

Three Point Half-Kneeling Flexibility Exercise

Begin this exercise in a typical half kneeling position facing a wall. Feel free to use a foam roller in order to maintain balance. At the same time, bent your knees at 90 degrees and place it over the ankle. Keep the front heel on the ground, bend your hips and weight in the direction of the wall until the front part of your knee presses the wall. Remain in this position for five seconds and after that get back to the initial position. Perform this exercise two more times and switch the sides every time.

3. Soft Tissue Exercise for Feet’s Bottom with the Help of a Tennis Ball

Soft Tissue Exercise for Feet’s Bottom with the Help of a Tennis Ball

Take a tennis ball and put it right under your foot while you are standing. Use your foot to roll the ball from the beginning to the end of your foot. Once you identify a sensitive spot, keep the ball in this position for a few seconds and put some pressure with the help of your weight. Use the tennis ball on each foot for about one minute.